The history of Split is being written at the plates of this Dalmatian tavern since 1982. It is retold in the home made dishes of our grandmas and in gastro stories told by our farmers, fishermen and citizens of this old town.

We give you a taste of the best ingredients from the nearby market which has been gathering merchants and farmers at the same location for over 150 years. At our tables, you’ll meet Split’s citizens having their daily meal rituals and passengers who just want to catch a glimpse of the town’s spirit. This place both separates and connects us with the rest of the world. Our menus include recipes prepared by most noble families in Split, dishes prepared by our citizens, food farmers prepared after hard work in the field and just a few dishes we took from the rest of the world to please our senses.

You will visit us because you wish to taste home-made food, fresh fish and seafood, meat specialties, game dishes and cakes which were a tradition in all top restaurants in Split over the last century. You will visit us because you wish to try the best pizza in Split and because this is the same pizza our Dalmatian pizza chefs used to prepare. You will visit us because you wish to treat yourself with the best ingredients from small family farms prepared so that they unify old Venetian and Austrian dishes which have inspired Dalmatian gastronomy for centuries. What makes this rustic tavern special is the fact that the owners are also chefs who sincerely wish to leave the trace at the culinary map of the world and to write at least a chapter in this town’s gastronomy. You are welcome here, not only as guests, but also as friends and companions on this journey through time, memories and tastes.

Frane Šerka